Paid Side6 Members help fund the operation of the club, including webspace, advertising, location rentals, event expenses and event prizes. As a paid Side6 Member, you are able to take advantage of several perks.

Once subscribed you will gain access to the Members area detailing how to take advantage of your perks.




  • Discount on entry to SIDE6 events and contests.

  • Discount on purchases from the SIDE6 store (when launched).

  • Discount on renewal (if purchased before expiry) 

  • 5% discount on purchases from Gundam Hanger (with potential to increase based on purchases)

  • 10% discount on purchases from Masamune Studio.

  • 15% discount on purchases from Light Industries.

  • 15% discount on purchases from Lightbringer Enterprise

  • 10% discount on purchases from

  • 10% discount on purchases* from Wheels & Wings Hobbies

  • 10% discount on purchases from Side7 Exports

  • 10% discount on purchases from Trinity Hobby

  • 5% discount on Gunpla & mecha kits from Torchlight Games & Hobbies as well as paint and tools. Free or discount store event entries**

    Discounts can not be combined with other offers/sales/promotions or preorders unless otherwise stated. Full details on the members page 


  • An aluminum membership card with member's full name and membership number good for one year from purchase.

  • Priority admittance to SIDE6 Club meets

  • Voting privileges on SIDE6 events, changes, general club issues.

  • Viewership rights on SIDE6 financials, in development plans (upon request)

  • Opportunity to be part of SIDE6 directors team (upon request or nomination)

  • Display privileges at partner stores (on hold)


Side6 Membership

  • Basic Membership

    Every year
    Support Side6 events and costs
    • Discounts at a huge number of stores across Canada
    • Exclusive metal membership card and number
    • Discounted entry for Side6 events

Plan will automatically renew 12 months after purchase unless cancelled. You may cancel within 1 week after renewal for a full refund. Renewal discount will be applied either as a credit or as a refund within 1 week of purchase.