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Clean vs Weathered build contest

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

Zakuarelius is hosting another modelling contest and you're invited!

Here’s everything you need to know about the new CLEAN vs WEATHERED CONTEST!

  • The contest will be divided into two categories: clean and weathered. You choose which one you’ll enter!

  • You can only enter one category, and we’re looking for fantastic builds focusing on the finish!

  • No dioramas and only one kit allowed. Small vignette is okay.

  • Kit can me any mecha kit! Gunpla, 30MM, Frame Arms, Moderoid, Ma.K. etc. No figures or mecha musume. No suits like Ultraman or Kamen rider.

  • Custom modification, kitbashing, scratch building allowed and encouraged, but not required.

  • 3D printing allowed but should only account for 10% of the build maximum.

  • Full painting required. No snap builds or partially painted builds.

  • Sharing your work in progress and/or completed build on social media before the deadline is allowed and encouraged!

  • There will be two winners, first and second place, in each category making a total of 4 prize pack winners.

  • Prize packs provided by USA Gundam Store, details below.

DEADLINE: May 1 —- GUEST JUDGES: Clean Category: Chris Pabz & Tim Harkins Weathered Category: Aaron Simons & Michael Rinaldi (Links to their social media below) —- SCORING 50% Finish (painting: clean/weathered) 20% Creativity (Modifications, Color, etc) 20% Build (Seam/mold lines, nubs, etc) 10% Pose & Photography —- HOW TO ENTER: FOLLOW CAREFULLY! -

  1. Open for world-wide submissions.

  2. Send entry email to: With email title: Clean vs Weathered

  3. Email must include a photo of the kit you intend to use showing that it is brand new unbuilt or only snap built with no extra work yet.

  4. In the photo also include a HAND WRITTEN note with your name, country, date, and which category you’re entering.

  5. You’ll receive a confirmation email within one week, but no need to wait for confirmation before commencing work!

  6. Once you’ve finished reply *in the same email chain* with your finished photos.

  7. Submit TEN (10) finished photos of your build. Among those ten you may include a maximum of 2 collage images if you’d like. Not 8, not 9, not 15... ten images exactly!

  8. Once your final entry is received you’ll once again receive a confirmation email.

  9. Winners will be selected and announced shortly after the deadline of May 1, 2021.

NOTE: Image quality is important!

We have to be able to see your work well in order to judge it properly. Among your ten images include every angle of the kit, full body, and close ups. Also please try your best to include your images directly in the email. You may have to size them down and split them up over multiple emails but that’s fine and preferable to using any download or external link. Thank you. —- PRIZES: First place winners can choose prize pack A or B. Second place winners can choose prize pack C or D.

A Pack:

  1. MG FAZZ Ver.Ka

  2. MG Gundam Barbatos

  3. USA Gundam Tools (Knife, Nippers, Part Separator)

  4. Full range of Mecha Decals

B Pack:

  1. RG Nu Gundam

  2. RG Evangelion 00

  3. RG Astray Red Frame

  4. RG Impulse Gundam

  5. USA Gundam Tools

  6. Full range of Mecha Decals

C Pack:

  1. MG Gundam Dynames

  2. USA Gundam Tools

  3. Full range of Mecha Decals

D Pack:

  1. RG Evangelion 00

  2. RG Strike Gundam

  3. USA Gundam Tools

  4. Full range of Mecha Decals

If you have any further questions please ask! Good luck everyone! We’re looking forward to everyone’s entries!

Check out our wonderful guest judges on their various social media if you aren’t following them already!

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