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On Your Mark, Get Set, Go

Quick Fire Build Competition

How Does It Work?

You are asked to build a Gunpla starting 4th until 31 March.

There are 5 jurisdictions across Canada.

You will register with the one of your choice (We suggest you pick the one closest to you)

Each jurisdiction is judged independently and will select I winner within the jurisdiction.

There are a total of 5 winners.

What To Enter?

This competition focus on gunpla only.

All Bandai official kits, all scale (EG/HG/RG/MG/RE/PG/MEGA) from any Gundam series are accepted with the following exceptions:

  • No mobile dolls

  • No beargguy (and variants)

  • No pettitguy (and variants)

  • No EX kits

Unlicensed kits are not allowed and 3D printed parts are not judged.

About Display Base

A display base here is not a fancy action base with LED or weathering or battle damages. No no! A display base here can be as simply as a block of wood. The purpose of this is to draw a visible boundary and to help your audience to focus on your work.

Although this is an online event, This will help you learn so one day during a physical event, you know how to separate your work from that ugly snap-fitted pettitbear that is sitting right next to your work!

How Your Work Is Being Judged?

Judging will be based on 2 categories + 1 bonus:

  1. Fundamentals (15): All about your workmanship Remove Nub Marks / Remove&Alter Seam Lines Prime+Paint+Top Coat / Panel Line Wash / Decals

  2. Appeal (5): Anything extra will be considered here These are what the judges will be looking at.

  3. Bonus (2): Display Base

Do your best!!

Good Luck!!

Judging Explained

Given only a 4 weeks period, we limited the amount of things you can do so you can focus

on getting the basic done right. The fundamentals are here to test your skill. But we know you can do more, and that extra effort shall not be overshadowed by some minor basic mistake. The subjective appeal is there to acknowledge your hard works.


Each of the 5 groups will individually select a winner of their respective jurisdiction.

Each winner will receive a Madworks M-202 0.5mm Airbrush

Who Can Enter?

This competition is opened to residents of Canada only. You will need a Canadian

address to receive a prize should you be one of the winners. Please obtain parental consent wherever it is legally required

How To Register

There are 5 jurisdiction handled by 5 group:



  • GMTL


  • SIDE6

To register, pick one jurisdiction (The one closest to where you live), take a picture of your new box of kit (make sure you have a photo of it in the box still wrapped with either the instructions or box top visible to identify the kit), and post it on the event page.

That's it. Now get to work!! To register with SIDE6. Click here!

Final Submission

When you are done, take up to 8 pictures of your works and post them as reply to your

registration post (remember that picture you took on Day 1). They will be judged.

The 8 pictures include:

  1. Front

  2. Back

  3. Left

  4. Right

  5. "Money Shot" #1

  6. "Money Shot" #2

  7. "Money Shot" #3

  8. "Money Shot" #4

You must upload your finished work before 31st March 23:59 (PST)

Regular progress updates are very welcome!!

Post them as reply to your registration post.

The Serious Stuff

  1. We collect the winners' name/address only for the purpose of distribution of prizes.

  2. Your address will not be kept nor use outside of this event.

  3. Your name, location, and pictures of your works may be used by event organizers and the 5 Gunpla groups for promotional purposes.

  4. This event is only a chance to show off individual gundam modelling skill and to bring together all fans across Canada.

  5. We respect your freedom of expression and opinion, but this is not a platform for any form of political messages, hate/offensive speeches, defamatory/obscene expressions, for illegal activities. Any such occurrence will result in disqualification and removal from the event.

  6. Entry must be contestant own's work/idea. Plagiarism/Copyright Infringement will be disqualified (Come up with a new idea!)

  7. Please obtain parental consent wherever it is legally required

  8. Light Bringer Enterprise reserves all rights to any final decision.

  9. The event organizers, its associates, and all Gunpla groups are not responsible for your action, nor to any loss, damages, or legal matters resulting from this event.

  10. You agree to all these by participating in the event.

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