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MADxVallejo Super Model Cup 2021

MADxVallejo Super Model Cup 2021 is back again. Although this year it is an online format, it is also opened to overseas regions as well.


We are inviting all Gunpla groups in Canada to select 1~2 entries to enter into the competition. We will sponsor the $9 registration fee and complete the registration process for you. Group administrators please message us on Facebook Messager for details.

Please contact us directly regarding the registration fee.

Seriously, please contact us via FB Msgr. Nobody want to waste $20 bank fee over a $9 registration fee. Please contact us.

Please note the time zone difference. Therefore, if you do want us to complete the registration process for you, you must provide us all information before 2021-09-07 23:59 Vancouver Time!!!!

--> the deadline is 2021-09-10 24:00 Taiwan Time!!!!


From now until 10th September, 2021 11:59pm, Taiwan Local Time (GMT+8). Any changes will be announced on the event page.


From now until 10th September, 2021 11:59pm Taiwan Local Time (GMT+8). Any changes will be announced on the event page.


Each entrant can submit a maximum of two entries. Each entry can enter into one category only. Entrants can submit up to a maximum of eight pictures per entry, and must follow these criteria:

  1. Background of the pictures must be either black or white;

  2. Include one front view (front facing) picture;

  3. Include one back view picture;

  4. Include one left view picture;

  5. Include one right view picture

  6. Pictures cannot be altered or edited in any way using software.

  7. Photo collage is NOT allowed. One-picture-one-angle only.


  • Civil Category – Any subject

  • 1/64 Civil Category – Any subject, the size is limited to 1/64 scale.

  • Sci-Fi Category – Any subject

  • Miniature Category – Any subject, containing one or more miniature figures, busts, model kits, or a collection (mounted on a display base)

  • Military Category – Any subject

  • Figures and Monsters – Any subject

  • Diorama – Any subject

  • Junior Category – Any subject; the age limit of participants is under 15 years old (born after 2005.12.31).


1st, 2nd, 3rd place winners and five honorable mentions from each category. There will be special awards for each category (depending on the number of entries).

Prizes sponsored by: Acrylicos Vallejo (Taiwan), MADWORKS (Taiwan), and event sponsors.



  2. Complete the registration form online. Registration fee can be submitted using ATM or fund transfer;

  3. Please make sure all information provided are true and accurate. The event organizer and its sponsors are not responsible for any loses, including disqualification, if inaccurate information were provided;

  4. Each entrant can submit up to two entries. Each entry can enter into only one category;

  5. Registration fee is non-refundable;


From now until 10th September, 2021 11:59pm Taiwan Local Time (GMT+8), pictures of entry must be uploaded at the time of registration.

When submitting the file, please process the file according to the following specifications.


After submission period ended, results will be first announced online via video. All awards will be shipped to winners by the event organizer based on the registered information.


By entering the competition, entrants agree to let the event organizer to use their personal information for the following purposes:

  1. Managing entries for this competition;

  2. Contacting entrants regarding matters related to the competition, such as verifying entrant’s identity, award announcements, and other inquiries;

  3. Displaying submitted entry with the entrant's name, as well as for other purposes such as using the information in future press releases and publications.

  4. We will not share an entrant's personal information with third parties without the entrant’s consent, except under conditions that are necessary to fulfill legal obligations and to use for publications and other usages that are listed on the official rules.


  1. Entry must be original work by the entrant and the entrant alone. Works that are mimicking, copying, commissioned by, or stolen from other people’s works will be disqualified from the competition;

  2. Entry which, and not limited to, encroaches or may encroach upon any third party's portrait rights, intellectual property rights, and/or any other rights, or infringement of third party’s copyrights are prohibited. Eg., company logo, trademarks, or name abbreviations are not allowed. The event organizer and its sponsors are not responsible for these infringements. In case of any disputes, an entrant will be fully responsible for its settlement including any cost which may occur due to the submitted works. The entrant is also responsible for compensations to the event organizer and/or other third parties for any damages;

  3. Any hostile or malicious assaults, bad-faithed or defamatory comments or actions by an entrant towards other participants and/or entries are strictly prohibited. Such incidents must be reported to the event organizer immediately. Once verified, subject entrant will be removed and disqualified from the competition.

  4. The purpose of the event is to promote the industry. By entering the competition, entrants agree to the event organizer and its appointees to use their works in forms of words, pictures, and videos, and publish on both traditional medias, social medias, and online;

  5. Event organizer reserves the rights to remove/disqualify any entry at any time;

  6. Event organizer reserves the rights to change, halt, or cancel this event at any time; All changes will be posted on event page;

  7. Event organizer reserves the rights to the final results of the competition;

  8. Event organizer from time to time will add/update supplement information on the event page.

By completing the registration, entrants agree to all rules, restrictions, and notices set forth here by the event organizer.

Oversea entrants should contact their local MADWORKS distributor regarding the registration and fee.

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