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Brush Beast Painting Competition

The Brush Beast is brought to you by multiple artists, and companies who have come together to start 2021 off with some great inspiration. Many people have worked across the last year to paint and level up their skills, but haven’t had a forum for obvious reason to share. Well, it is time to put your hard work to the test and compete for some amazing prizes for your efforts!

Here’s what you need to know: RULES FOR ENTRY - please read carefully.:

  1. One entry per person/studio - You can only submit ONE entry into this event and into ONE category only. Convert or modify the entry, do whatever your creativity desires. There is no cost to enter at all.

  2. Entry must be your own work/creation - Entry must be entirely of your own creation, 3D printed model or a model of your choosing from whatever range or genre you prefer. It can be on any base of your choosing.

  3. Pictures submitted for your entry must include 1-2 “before” pictures (whether this is in the assembly stage or just primed) and 3-5 “after” pictures of your completed entry. *Exception- Masters Category entries may be any work you have undertaken since the beginning of Covid but have not had an opportunity to enter in any other event. Masters still require before and after pictures – just the time frame is waved.

  4. Your submitted entry must include a time stamp in/on all your photos. Time stamp must include the date and your name. All photos need to be submitted together before the deadline for the event. Please include them all in your submission email. (We do encourage you to post your “before” pictures on our Facebook page, but it is not required.) We understand some people have already sent in emails of their “before” pics but we politely ask that when you submit your completed pictures you still include the “before” pictures with the entry.

  5. When emailing your completed entry with pictures, please include the following at the top of your email body - Category you wish to enter and Participant name.

  6. Entry deadline is May 31st 2021 11:59 pm cst. There will also be a 12-24hr grace period due to time zones and other factors.

Submit entries to :

You can start on your entry any time as long as you follow the rules stated above. You may join this event anytime up to the deadline of May 31.

Note: if you send in an email of your project in the “before stage” and have changed your mind, that’s okay! Prior to submitting, you can change your mind or change projects entirely as many times as you like. Once you send in a completed submission with both “before” and “after” pics, however, you can no longer change your entry.

CATEGORIES: Judges reserve the right to move any entry into a different category if it doesn’t fit the submitted category. If you are unsure which category to enter, just contact us.

  1. Single Miniature - This includes single figures of any genre and is not limited to a particular scale (28/32/54/75mm etc.).

  2. Large Creature - This category includes but is not limited to, anything organic and monstrous, larger than a single character miniature. Gargants, Tyranid Creatures, Dragons, Mierce monsters etc. Also larger complex models/simple vignettes like Archaon Exalted or the Kingdom Death Lion Knight.

  3. Machines of War - This is for all the larger vehicular and mechanical models such tanks, dreadnoughts, mecha, titans, steampunk constructs, Gunpla, spaceships, Warjacks, flyers, post-apocalyptic vehicles etc.

  4. Masters Open - this is an open style format for all the veteran brush warriors out there (You know who you are!) and those who really wish to step up and compete with them. Any model format goes; from a diorama, to a single model, to a dazzling bust! As noted above, this category allows Masters to enter pieces completed across the past year and is not confined to pieces carried out within the regular contest timeframe. There is an expectation that the models not have been entered elsewhere prior to this.

  5. Studio 5 model Squad Challenge - This is for all the awesome commission painter's and studios out there. Put together a top notch 5 man squad – on foot or mounted - any genre.