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Calling All Aces


Beginning July 1st E-mail "" Subject line "Calling All Aces Entry- (Your Name)".

Attach a photo of your unbuilt or snap built kit with your name, date, and contest title hand written in the photo.

No need to wait for a Confirmation email before starting!


-Use any mecha model kit considered to be a grunt/”super grunt”/mass production mecha

Not sure if your selected kit qualifies?

Please reach out to one of the judges and we can help.

-All entries must be fully painted: No snap builds or partially painted kits will be judged.

-Custom modification, kit bashing and scratch building are allowed and encouraged; however they are not required.

-Small vignettes and bases allow but not required

-No Bootleg/third party Base kits

-Resin conversion Kits, and 3d printed Parts allowed, but must be pointed out in required Final Submission W.I.P. photos.

-No photo manipulation beyond basic colour correction and cropping. Images that have been obviously photoshopped/edited will be disqualified.


There will Prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place*.

There will also be a Side6 Mecha Modeling Club Favourite Prize. Voted on by Side6 Club member and Side6 Facebook group members.

All Completed Entries will receive a Side6 Challenge coin.

Challenge Coins are used for end of year raffles.

*Prizes to be Announced Closer to the Start date!


[1] Concept 35%

Does it feel like an ACE? Unique color scheme, Any mods, special weapons etc.

[2] Craftsmanship/Painting 50%

How well was the Idea executed, Painting quality, seam/mold-lines/nubs removed etc.

[3] Presentation 15%

How well is your work displayed, good lighting, strong posing, photos in focus, etc.


-Reply in the same e-mail chain with the following required 8 photos.

- 2 Work in progress shots (if resin or 3d printed parts were used point them out here)

-4 photos of the same pose, Front View, 3/4 front view, Back view, 3/4 back view

- NO links to photos will be accepted*

***If all your photos can not fit into one e-mail. Reply with multiple emails.


The Side6 Mecha Modeling Club Admin team Will be Handling the Judging of this Event.

Andrew Hilton-Wigg (

Ariel Obtinalla (

Nicolas Tejada Sanchez (

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