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GBMC - Gunpla Builder Master Championship

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

All Indonesia Open Championship.

  • Open to all Indonesia citizens, residents of Indonesia, temporary residence and foreigner.

  • Open Internationally, foreign participants from outside Indonesia are welcome and allowed to take part in this championship. If you successfully win this championship, your work will be announced and displayed as a winner on the official GB Master Championship website. We provide an E-certificate as an appreciation for your achievement**. However all prizes cannot be claimed for foreigners due our sponsorship policy.

**International winners may pay shipping to have their trophy shipped to them in lieu of an E-certificate, but no kit prizes will be awarded.

Championship Period

GBMC 2021 will be held staring in May 2021 until August 2021.

  • Open Registration start from 10 May 2021.

  • Registration (Application) deadline 30 June 2021, 23:59 WIB (Jakarta local time GMT+7)

  • Submit Entry deadline 28 July 2021, 23:59 WIB (Jakarta local time GMT+7)

  • Online Exhibition 2-8 August 2021

  • Audience Polling 2-7 August 2021

  • Judging 2 August 2021

  • Result Announcement & Online Awards Ceremony held in 8 August 2021

  • All Winner Model kits Exhibition Start from 9 August 2021


Pro Course

Open for Professional Modeller kit / Gunpla Builder Master from all ages.

In this category, participants will be given a specific challenge rules for all registered entries.

The specific challenge will be Announcement on 28 June 2021.

Beginner Course

Age 18 years old and above.

This category is only for participants who have never won any model kit competitions.

Students Course

High School Students (SMP-SMU atau setaranya), Age 10 – 18 years old.

This category is only for participants who have never won any model kit competitions.

Judging Criteria

The criteria for judging will be on

  1. Concept (idea)

  2. Custom (craftsmanship)

  3. Painting, Mechanical Design, and Photography (appearance).

FAQ (Translated)

Q: Is it open internationally? A: Yes is open Internationally, foreign participants from outside Indonesia are allowed to take part in this Championship. If you successfully win this championship, your work will be announced and displayed as a winner on the official GB Master Championship website. We provide an E-certificate** as an appreciation for your achievement. However all prizes cannot be claimed for foreigners due to our sponsorship policy.

**International winners may pay shipping to have their trophy shipped to them in lieu of an E-certificate, but no kit prizes will be awarded.

Q: Where is the online form that must be filled in for registration? A: Please go to the registration page, then "Click" the yellow link number 1, you will be served personally to get an Online Registration Form (Participant Registration Online Form) on the course you want to take.

Q: I am interested in participating in the GB Master Championship, can I submit more than 1 entry? A: Yes, each participant can register more than 1 entry on behalf of the same participant, but they still have to meet the requirements on the course they want to take. Keep in mind that there are limited time and resources in making entries that meet the quality of the winner, because the evaluation of works is only based on the quality of the entries, not on the quantity of entries registered.

Q: I was a Champion in a gundam (gunpla builder / model kit) competition, can I join the Beginner Course? A: All prospective participants who have won championships, competitions, contests, Gunpla Builder competition championships or similar competitions, either at the International, National or Regional levels are not allowed to take part in the Beginner Course or Students Course. We provide a Pro Course (Professional Course) with a more challenging level of competition for talented, professional participants and winners in similar competitions.

Q:I have participated in a community gundam competition, and won the straight build / clean build class, is it still allowed to join the Beginner Course? A: As long as the competitions that have been won are small-scale internal community competitions, only within the community members themselves and the type of competition is only assembling (quick assembly, neat assembly, straight build, clean build) it is still allowed to join the Beginner Course. Meanwhile, if it is a regional-scale community competition whose participants are between gundam communities , then it is not allowed. Please join the Pro Course.

Q: I have a Model Kit that has been an entry in another Gunpla (Model Kit) competition, may I register it as an entry in the GB Master Championship? A: Perhaps during these works have never been champion or won the award or any award. The work can follow the Beginner Course or Students Course according to the provisions and as long as it meets the requirements in one of these categories. Make sure the work is a personal work, not the work of a team or someone else, if in another competition the work has been registered on behalf of another person, the entry will automatically be disqualified and considered the work of someone else Make sure historically the work is always registered as an entry under the same name.

Q: My entry has never won in another competition, but has received a visitor's choice award, can I register it as an entry in the GB Master Championship competition? A: Sorry I can't. Works that have been champions or have received awards / awards / prizes in similar competitions are considered invalid as entries in the GB Master Championship?

Q: I have never won any Gunpla competition on my behalf, but I feel I have the ability to compete in the Pro Course (Professional Course) is it allowed? A: Yes, of course, anyone can join the Pro Course (Professional Course) as long as they follow the rules and challenges of the Pro Course. There is no age limit here.

Q: Does the entry that is registered have to be a new work created at this time? A: You may include your old works as entries, as long as they meet the requirements of the Course you choose, it doesn't matter. But specifically for the Pro Course (Professional Course) it can't. Because in the Pro Course there will be Specific Challenges, so it requires that the entry you submit is a work that was really just made during this WIP competition.

Q: Why are there specific challenges on the Pro Course that will be announced later? A: Our Pro Course (Professional Course) is specially designed for professional Gunpla Builders or Pro Modellers who already have great abilities / skills / winning skills. Of course, the contestants on this Course will not face any problems if they are given specific specific challenges to add to the excitement of the competition and provide opportunities for Beginner Course and Student Course participants to compete for various Special Awards that we have provided.

Q:What are the specific challenges? And why was it announced later? A: Specific challenges can be in the form of a special kit that must be used as an entry, or there are special conditions that must be met by the work as an entry, or it can be a special challenge, it is not allowed to use certain kits or parts as custom parts and so on. This will be announced later to provide an opportunity for Course Students and Beginner Courses to start working on their work first and compete in quality. On the other hand, Pro participants will be able to work on their work after clarity and announcement of specific challenges will be announced by the committee later.

Q: I want to take the Pro Course with more than 1 entry, is it possible? A: You can, but keep in mind that in the Pro Course there is a WIP time limit (1 month) and there are Specific Challenges that must be met by each entry. Making more than 1 entry will certainly be very draining and can result in loss of focus.

Q: Sis, I have never won or received any awards in similar competitions, but I want to take the Pro Course and also join the Beginner Course at the same time, is it allowed to register in these 2 different courses? A: Yes, please register in 2 or even 3 different courses as long as you meet all the requirements required by each course.

Q: Is it possible to use a military kit model to support the diorama? A: Yes, Beginner Course and Students Course are allowed, as long as the brand used for the military kit model is not a bootleg or pirated brand. Also make sure the model kit is a plastic model kit, not a resin kit, not 3D printing etc.

Q: Are plastic model kits outside the Gundam Universe allowed? e.g. Pat Labor, Space Dog, Evangelion, Macros...etc A: Plasmo Mecha outside the Gundam universe are not prohibited from being included as entries, but the 123 prizes (Champion & Runner Up 1-2) will be prioritized on works that have a Gundam theme only. While the other 14 Special Awards are still open for non-Gundam Mecha themes, this only applies to the Beginner Course and Student Course. The Pro Course will have its own terms and conditions.

Q: Are the Custom and Repaint Classes on the Beginner Course combined? A: More precisely, the jury's assessment includes 5 aspects, namely Concept (Idea), Custom (Craftmanship), Painting, Mechanical Design, Photography (appearance). But especially for the winners of the Special Awards; Best Concept, Best Custom, Best Painting, Best Mechanical, Best Photography, of course, only the assessment at that point will be taken as a determination. (So ​​as an example, for example, Best Painting will be taken from the entry / work with the best/highest Painting value, regardless of the other 4 aspects of the assessment. It could be that the winner of Painting is a standard gunpla kit without any custom, because only point painting is seen here.) Likewise with other Best awards. So when we talk about Custom contests, we have the Best Custom Award, while when it comes to Repaint Contest we also have the Best Painting Award.

Q: After Registration is complete, what is the next step? A: Please make your model kit work and when it's time to "Submit Entry" please upload a photo of your work on the Submit Entry form, don't forget to also enter the Verification Code that has been given by the committee in the email of each participant. Verification Code will be provided via email before the Submit Entry time begins.

Q: How do I get the "Verification Code" to be able to submit my model kit work entry on the Submit Form? A: Register first, after completing registration, a Verification Code will be given via email before the time for Submit Entry starts / opens.

Q: Did we ask for a photo and title of the work during registration? A: No, the title of the work, and the photo upload is done at the time of submitting the entry. Registration is the registration of Participants' Personal Data on the selected Course as well as the number of entries to be followed. (One Participant Name may enter more than one work as entries.)

Q: Is the diorama rated or not? A: Diorama, Background, Stand Base, and supporting plastic model kits are only to support the assessment. The main assessment is on the work of Gunpla Kit. As for the aspect of concept assessment, of course, the presence of a diorama/background/standbase will have an effect on clarifying the concept or even blurring the concept to be conveyed, as well as on the assessment of photography (appearance), the presence of a diorama/background/standbase will also more or less affect the assessment of photography (appearance). ) can increase the score or it can be a minus factor.

Q: Since when is registration open? did you register at the same time submit a photo of the work? A: Registration has been opened since May 10, 2021 - June 30, 2021 , while the deadline for submitting works is on July 28, 2021 . So when registering only the participant's personal data, the course to be followed and the number of entries to be included in this championship. Photos of the work are not required during registration, they will be submitted in the form submitting the work at the specified time.

Q: When does the Pro Course category start? Kit determined? A: The Pro Course category has its own provisions (specific challenge). Of course, after this specific challenge is announced 28 June 2021, then Pro Course participants who have registered (registered) can start together. Later there will be special rules, one of which is a mandatory kit.

Q: So the processing for the Pro Course is 1 month, all participants are the same? What if they have a kit that happens to have the same wipe as the specified kit? A: Yep, it's the same for all Pro Course participants who will face the same challenges. Later there will also be other conditions that require the wip process to start from zero together, so that all Pro Course participants will start from zero simultaneously.

Q: Can we add a description of our work in the form of writing apart from photos? A: At the time of Submit Entry, all participants are asked to enter V-Code (Obtained from Registration), Title of Work, Description of Works, Photographs of Works in accordance with the requirements written in the regulations.

Q: What is the assessment aspect of mechanical design, Sis? A: The mechanical design assessment aspect is an assessment of the technical-mechanical details of the Mecha, which you have designed and made, and added to the gunpla kit. So the parts of the gunpla that have a mechanical design form will have their own point assessment, such as driving gears, hydraulic components, manipulator designs, rocket nozzles, absorber units, and so on. Gunpla is not seen as a toy, but evolved as a form of scaled robotic mockup that embodies the design of future robotics technology. Later, one of the judges will be a Mechanical Design expert from Petra University, a Master in Mechanical Engineering.

Q: There are 14 kinds of Special Award? many? A: Each builder must have a unique style and skill ability, each one is different, some prioritize art, some favor story, kit-bash, diorama, some have custom or painting skills. Now in this GB Master Championship, whatever the type and style of the builder, we appreciate it with various awards as many as 14 kinds of Special Awards. For this reason, we have also prepared varied judges from various style builders, have a professional track record internationally, and have a wide and diverse spectrum. So whatever your style type, you will definitely get an optimal work award, just join in the GB Master Championship event.

Q: Is there a special scale for Gundam, MG, HG, PG, Mega size? A: Free for Beginner Course and Student Course, however Pro Course will be determined according to the Specific Challenge rules which will be announced later. The photo rules are attached on the Regulation page, including the maximum size of the photo. Q&A on their site (translated)

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