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The Epic Adventure Group Build

The Side6 admin team has decided that we wanted to a group build together, and thought others might be interested in joining us on our epic adventure.

The idea: Build an 144/SD scale mobile suit based on an adventurer archetype. There are 3 main categories: Tank (Takes hits for the team) Damage (focuses on eliminating enemies), Support (Heals/repairs/shields the others in the group). When it's done: give it a name, and describe how it fulfills its roll in 250 characters

We are going to build ours using the Side6 brand colours (Grey,Black,White,Red) but you can feel free to use any colours you like. If you finish your build by February 28th 11:59 PST you will receive a challenge coin in recognition of your accomplishment to display with your mobile suit. Additionally you will be entered into a draw for a prize (TBD).

Make sure you post lots of WIP photos with the hashtag #epicadventure to help motivate yourself and other builders. It's not about keeping your progress secret, it's about doing something togeather as a group.

Stay tuned for video group builds to take part in too! Deadline is March 7, 2020! When finished. E-mail 5 photos of your finished build to and include your mailing address (for your challenge coin). Your images may be used on the Side6 Website and social media platforms.

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