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The Gundam Wing Buildoff - Presented by Gunpla In Miami

Gunpla in Miami Gundam Wing Build off is finally here!! Below is all the info. If you have Questions please ask here.

I also want to thank The Gundam Project Shop, Stumpy, GoalieZero , and Vandrillee for helping me with this. Im so excited to see what everyone builds, since Im a huge Gundam Wing fan.

  • No dioramas, resin conversions, 3rd party kits/ 3rd party weapon kits, Kit must be from Gundam wing, Ew, and G unit ( All kit grades are ok). and only one entry allowed per person. Small base is okay.

  • Custom modification, kit bashing ( Only Gundam Wing Kits), scratch building allowed.

  • 3D printing allowed but only for detail parts (hands, verniers, Etc).

  • Fully painted builds required. No snap builds or partially painted builds.

  • Bandai Gundam wing weapon sets are fine

  • There will be 3 winners and a Judges Choice- 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and Judges Choice

  • No obvious photo shopped photos



  • Gunpla In Miami

  • Goaliezer0

  • Stumpy

  • Vandrillee

  • Jeremy from The Gundam project shop



  • Finish (painting: clean/weathered) 1-5 Points

  • Creativity (Modifications, Color, etc) 1-5 Points

  • Build (Seam/mold lines, nubs, etc) 1-5 Points